Newest wiki crew
The Wiki Crew had expanded one day now encompassing 3 new members, here is how they joined the wiki.

The USS Voyager is flying towards a wiki one day, it was called The random show crossover wiki. There were 3 of them aboard.

Kristijan: What's this place?

Panda:*reading from the conn* It's The random show crossover wiki.

Kristijan: Okay. *sits back in the captain's chair*

Sally:*sitting in the first officer's chair* A new wiki.

Kristijan: We've already passed through Puppy in My Pocket Fanon Wiki, Puppy in My Pocket and Other Fandom Wiki, Memory Alpha (the wiki for Star Trek), Sonic Fanon Wiki...

Panda: Oop, there's an empty space! *lands Voyager*

Sally: Let's go!

The three beam down and are met by three users: Anamary, Goldspark and Aliyah.

The Wiki Crew: Welcome!!! (the letter from the picture)

Kristijan: Thank you!

Panda: Thanks!

Sally: Thanks a lot!

Anamary: You're new?

Panda: Yes.

Aliyah: What's that big thing behind you?

Kristijan: It's our starship, USS Voyager.

Anamary: An impressive title!

Kristijan: Thanks.

Then three more users come: Rainbowzkie, Surprise1 and BomBomPony.

Surprise: Kristijan!

Kristijan: Hey, Surprise! Long time no see, huh?

Surprise: Yeah.

Rainbowzkie: Hello, we're Rainbowzkie and BomBomPony! I see you already know Surprise.

Kristijan: We know each other from the Puppy in My Pocket Fanon Wiki!

Panda: Yup.

Sally: Same here, i guess.

Surprise: Hi,Panda. Hi,Sally.

Panda and Sally in unison: Hi, Surprise.

Anamary: What are you doing here?

Kristijan: We were just passing by, but the wiki looked interesting, so we decided to land Voyager here for a while.

Anamary: Why don't you join the Wiki crew?

Other Wiki Crew members: Yeah, why don't you join?

Kristijan, Panda and Sally in unison: Why not?

Anamary: You can make carticles that cross over any universe will it be Sonic with Garfield or Puppy in My Pocket with Star Trek: Voyager. I see that Bubble's been deleting your Voyager article.

Kristijan: Yeah. Anyway, thanks for letting us join the crew.

Now, the members of the Wiki crew are: Kristijan, Panda, Sally, Anamary, Goldspark, Aliyah, Surprise, Hyena, Rainbowzkie and BomBomPony.