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  • I live in Earth,United Federation of Planets
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is Trekkie/Comedian/Adventurer/P.I.M.P. fan
  • I am Male
  • Matijevic2kiki

    The Wiki Crew had expanded one day now encompassing 3 new members, here is how they joined the wiki.

    The USS Voyager is flying towards a wiki one day, it was called The random show crossover wiki. There were 3 of them aboard.

    Kristijan: What's this place?

    Panda:*reading from the conn* It's The random show crossover wiki.

    Kristijan: Okay. *sits back in the captain's chair*

    Sally:*sitting in the first officer's chair* A new wiki.

    Kristijan: We've already passed through Puppy in My Pocket Fanon Wiki, Puppy in My Pocket and Other Fandom Wiki, Memory Alpha (the wiki for Star Trek), Sonic Fanon Wiki...

    Panda: Oop, there's an empty space! *lands Voyager*

    Sally: Let's go!

    The three beam down and are met by three users: Anamary, Goldspark and Aliyah.

    The Wiki C…

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