So today,I left to go speed through the dirt ramps by my house.I had alot fun thee but when it was getting late and real dark outside so I was started to walk home but on the normal route,I saw some of the kids that wan't to kill me.Since there idiots they where doing some kind of new stunt thing.I guess they found out what a skate board was.XDDDSo I had to take a longer route,I headed the dierection to my older Scholl and walked threw the drainage I used to get home from that scholl.I had to be carefull and stealthy but I chould'nt help myself to not sing the Song "the Locomotion".I was almost home.I was carefull because some people walking around and seeing how many enimes I had was a 50/50 cahnce they will provoke me but they just turned out to be girls.But my happiness and relif making me sprint home like a rabbit ended ounce I heard a Guy calling my name thats when they sprint of joy turned to a "GET THE FLIP OUT OF THERE" Sprint. As I was in my Safe zone,I herd those girls screaming.I jut got home and here I am,Signing off.