Alinka sword
Toon Alinka is the protagonist of Legend of Alinka:Pretty Waker. She is the princess of Prettyville. She has Toon Link as a twin brother. She can fight with the sword  and throwing arrows.


Toon Alinka was a normal girl,who didn't know how to fight like her twin brother. Toon Link teaches her how to swordfight, then she finally teached how to fight.

When she found Pretty kingdom,she became the princess of Prettyville.


Her crush is Tetro. After of the Pretty Waker adventure,he's got the Smash Bracelets.

That means they're a AlinkEtro.

Toon AlinkaEdit

Name:(Toon) Alinka


Relatives:Toon Link (twin brother), Alvin (young brother), Aryll (young sister).

Enemies:Gianandorf, Evilowser.

Friends:Another Toons,Tetro.

Likes:Nature,being pretty, her friends.


Personality:Pretty, adorable, cute, brave.

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