Episode SummaryEdit

The 5 friends still figure out the special book and the sisters got into a fight.

Sub-plot : Samantha and Sofia make puns!

Preview ( OLD )Edit

Pinky: You know what? I think I don't need a sister!

Holly: Me too!


Eliza: Uh.......

Tammy: Do you think that this needs to be sorted out?

Holly and Pinky: NO!!!!

Julie: *staring at the camera* This will take long than a season.....


*at school*

Ms. Light: So, there will be many bacteria in your mouth that in your hands.

Julie: *snoring*

Ms. Light: When you bite something dirty, That *Julie continues snoring* Ugh.... *walks to Julie's Desk* Julie! How many times did I tell you about sleeping in class?

Julie: Sorry Ms. I can't help sleeping when you're so boring....

*class laughs*

Ms. Light: Silence! Now Julie, Please stop this right now!

Julie: *under breath* I wish not....

Ms. Light: What was that?

Julie: Nothing.

*20 minutes later*

*bell rings*

Samantha: Hey Tammy.

Tammy: Hey.

Samantha: Sofia! Wanna make some puns?

Sofia: Sure... I guess....

Samantha: Come on! I will be fun!

Sofia: O-Okay...

The 5 friends: *laughs*

Eliza: Do it again!

Julie: This is the last time. Ok?

Eliza: Ok!

Julie: *sings* Happy Llama, Sad Llama, Mentally Disabled Llama. Super Llama, Drama Llama!

Eliza: *chuckles* That's funny!

Holly: I know right!

Pinky: Where did you get that song?

Julie: Dunno!

Tammy: *reading*

Julie: Still upset?

Tammy: Yeah. Ever since Samantha paired up with Sofia, I've been feeling antsy.

Twirly: Hey Guys!

Eliza: It's you!

Twirly: I heard that Tammy's upset.

Julie: Yeah.

Twirly: I can't help right now! Busy! See ya later!

Julie: Ice Cream Parlor?

Everyone sans Tammy: Yeah!

==Part 2==