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The Lordbook is a show, one with Lords or other characters, but more characters are Lords. The Lords lives


in Lordia, a lordom ruled by Lordess Lordana, the Lordess of Randomness. Lordia is a lordom that has kingdoms.


Main characters/ LordsEdit

  • Ghirahim
  • Giuloreen
  • Kamira
  • Magica
  • Redahim
  • Serrohim
  • Darkira
  • Darkle

More coming soon!


  • Evis Evillis
  • Lordess Leastria

More coming soon!


  • Lordess Lordana
  • Lordess Giuloreen
  • Lordess Leastria

More coming soon!


  • Lordince Loran

More coming soon!


More coming soon!


Created by Lord Anamary

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