Hey, everyone, Firefly1 here, and I'm gonna announce you Surprise1 and I will RP the RP movie called The Demon Life Until The True Life. Demon Lady Giuloreen won't mind if we put her on that movie which I will turn it into a long page, or maybe I will split it in parts, if that's a good idea! Here's the beggining idea of our new story! Have a nice day! (\(^w^)/)


At Mareistris kingdom

Giuloreen: Was having a walk to that old kingdom Why did Magica sent me here for nothing? -_-

At the Mareistris palace

Giuloreen: Opens the door Uh... hello? Walks to the thron then she finds a mirror Oh! A mirror! Looks at it Hmm... I look so fabu-- 

The mirror is flashing 

Giuloreen: Covers her face Ah! My eyes!

A random fantasy cat: Walks at Giuloreen then gasps

Giuloreen: Aww! Where do you appeared from, kitty? ^w^ Grabs the fantasy cat

The random fantasy cat: Princess! You're here!

Giuloreen: Me? A princess? I'm not a princess! I'm already the Queen of Diamondestria!

The random fantasy cat: Jumps from Giuloreen's hands 

Giuloreen: That kitty is so funny!

On Giuloreen's hand appears a glowing pink heart

Giuloreen: Huh? Sees the wall has the same heart as her hand What's going on here? D:

Puts her hand on that mirror and it appears Princess Giulia Areen

Giuloreen: Who's that princess? She looks like me! Looks at Giulia's hand has a heart and then looks at her hand too then gasps It couldn't be! D:

Princess Giulia Areen (from the mirror): Is dancing beautifully around the palace then she sees Alinka visits her then hugs her and laughs cutely together with her

Giuloreen: No! I couldn't be Alinka's friend! .... or maybe.... Remembers she got turned into a Demon Lady because of Demisa then gasps getting teary Uh... uhh... uhhh... I-I'm not Giuloreen... I was a suprebly princess until I got turned into a demon? Sobs twice My life is... is... IS RUINED!!! Cries so hard 


Yeah I know the begging is so sad. :(

But at least it's a good idea! :D

Stay tunned for more! ;D