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Summer Hearts Bg

Summer Hearts is a pegasus, she lives in Ponyvile. Summer has a father called Josh and a mother called Liyla. Summer is one remarkable smart pony, but has been through a lot in life. Summer is very kind, and intellegent. Summer has a sister called Honey. Summer has pink skin, yellow and pink hair. Summer Hearts's cutie mark is a purple bicycle, she's very good at the bicycle. She won 5 awards on the bicycle races in Ponyvile and Canterlot. Summer Hearts had many friends, and still will have them. Her friends are, Star Sketch, Thunder Blitz, Sketch Heart and Sugar Sprinkles. 

The 5 Ponies Edit

Summer Hearts, Star Sketch, Thunder Blitz, Sketch Heart, and Sugar Sprinkles go in mysterious adventures. They experinced many things, they have been in 2 seasons. Season 1 had 7 episodes and Season 2 is still working in progress. The 5 Ponies, in season 2 experince being a princess, which is a big change in life. Summer Hearts was the last one to become a princess.  When Summer Hearts became a princess she discovered that she has ice/snow power. 

Big change  Edit

This is something that really happened, not in the story. Summer Hearts lost a few friends, while it was Nov 2 2013. Summer Hearts first lost Sketch Heart and Sugar Sprinkles, because they were in ponyvile for a very long time. Thunder Blitz and Star Sketch were lost by an argument, they all foolishly argued over something silly. Summer Hearts knew she wasn't wanted, so she disquised her self, as someone else. Summer Hearts found 2 great friends which are Akantha Bloom, and Sereni Tea. They all were happy, until Star Sketch came to find Summer Hearts so she could apologize. Star Sketch wanted to talk to Summer but Summer only ignored her. Summer found a person, which is called Beryk. Beryk helped Star Sketch and Summer Hearts to be friend again, and so they were. The next day, Summer Hearts found Thunder Blitz, Thunder Blitz knew she made mistakes, so she apologized, and they became best friends again. Thunder Blitz was very apologetic and knew she did mistakes. Summer couldn't find Sugar Sprinkles or Sketch Heart yet, but she will.