This is kinda of a mlp fanfic

Snowbound: *sneaks into the back of a grocrey store at night time and crawls into a freezer area and goes to sleep*

Owner: *comes in with a bag of meat and puts it in the same freezer that snowbound*

Snowbound: *yelps*

Owner: What the *turns and sees him* GET OUT!!!!

Snowbound: five more minutes

Owner: *grabs him with the help of a worker and drops him on the ground*

Security: *Chases him out with bats*

Snowbound: *yelping as he is running out of the back of a store*


Snowbound: Hey I need a place to sleep.

Owner: Go home then.

Snowbound:Fool I dont hav-

*Back door slams*

Snowbound: *growls* I hate this town *walks away to find a cold place to sleep*

*A group of dogs are walking sniffing around looking for food then spots snowbound*

dogs: *starts growling and charges him*

Snowbound: *growls back and scratches ones face and then turns around and bites ones wind pipe and kills it*

  • one of the dogs bites snowbound's tail and tugs on it almost tearing it off*

Snowbound: *yelps and knocks the dog over and growls at the rest*

  • Dogs run off*

Snowbound: *eats the dead dog*

A horse: *looks out the window and sees it going on calls the cops*

  • Snowbound gets done eating an walks off but cops stop him*
  • cops grab him*

Snowbound: Wow hey what are you guys doing

  • Cops put hand cuffs on him nad throw him in the car*

1 year later

a bunch of oher horses are in prison with snowbound

Cop: Big brain your bail has been payed

Big brain: >:) 

Cop: *opens up his cell and lets him out*

  • all of the other horses cause loud comotion and bang on there cells with their hooves as they watch him walk away*

Snowbound: *barks at big brain as he walks by his cell*

  • up ahead at another room*

Cop: your bail has been payed.Cause of time in a cell 57 cases of rape caused by you. Your free to go

Snowbound: *falls to the ground and groans*

another cop: *opens up snowbounds cell* your time is up *takes snowbound to the same room as big brain was in* Your jail tme is up for tresspassing and eating wildlife.

Snowbound:Well I can't just eat pizza and spagetti and drink catus cooller all day.And besides I myslef is tecnicly a wild animal,I mean I am not a horse like y-

The cop: We are ponies

Snowbound: yeah yeah there the same thing.


Snowbound: WHAT!!!!????

The cop: just go and remeber this warning *throws him out of prison*

Snowbound: *let it go plays in the backround as he walks away sadly* Death row!? I am just another wild animal...I hate this town *the happy part of the song plays* Do you know what! I am gonns go lie in a diffrent town and start out fresh. FORGET THESE FAGGOTS!!!! :D