Protomario is a  gametheoriest that appears in The adventures of the mega drive five and a Megaman X fanfic.On his youtube channel he does pokemon theories,consle theories and not ripping reviewtechUSA's news article readings.He has a asstiant childhood ruiner name potoPeach.In the Megaman X fanfic version.He started his own group of mavriecks like Spermaceti brony,Liquid plumber,and many more while a old follower Blizzard liyena left his group and cured himself from the mavrieck virus and revieved some old bosses like sting cameleon and flame hyena as well as creating Electrick humanoid.
Pokemon Theory Digletts Underside?! Feat08:04

Pokemon Theory Digletts Underside?! Feat. Gnoggin

Pokemon Theory Gengar Is Clefable?06:09

Pokemon Theory Gengar Is Clefable?

Pokemon Theory Inside Pokeballs!10:31

Pokemon Theory Inside Pokeballs!

Zelda Theory-Nintendo already awnsered the question06:13

Zelda Theory-Nintendo already awnsered the question.

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