So since i can't login in my last account, i decided to make a remake, and make it less mary sue

So here it is! Enjoy!!

Name: Fire Fashion Age: (in human years: 23?) Race:Alicorn of Fire Duty as Alicorn - To prevent any fire attack from Equestria o3o Female Personality: Likes to draw, sometimes annoys others, a couch potato, and likes to be on her laptop Element: Protection (like a shield as a crystal) Likes: Bananas, to annoy others, her laptop, sleeping Likes-ish: Protecting ponyville (mostly cuz she's lazy) Dislikes: Broccoli, Enemies (duh), working Looks like: Has a basic ponytail and front of the mane like lyra but red color, has the side curl like Celestia, just longer(btw she is NOT related to ANY of the princesses whatsoever) Plain white wings and a horn CM: An orange shield with a fire symbol inside of it Backstory: Actually she lived a normal life (like an alicorn should) But she kept wearing a sweater when she was small so she didn't get bullied by the other ponies for being "special" so everyone thought she was a unicorn.

Fire Fashion

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