Pony Adventures: Party Time? is the first Pony Adventures series. If you have something to tell me what's wrong with the story, please comment about it in the latest story's comments.


Fancy Writer and Twirly Magic was going to a party but nopony was there! Can the two of them find everypony before it's too late?


*early afternoon*

Fancy: I can't wait to go to Pinkie Pie's place!

Twirly: Me too! I wonder what they are doing in there!

Fancy: I think not as crazy like last time....

Twirly: Yeah...

Fancy: We are here!


Twirly: Hello?

Fancy: Where is everypony?

Twirly: I don't know!

Fancy: Pinkie!!!!!

Twirly: Uh, Fancy?

Fancy: Yeah?

Twirly: Why there's punch in your hoof?

Fancy: I'm thirsty!

Twirly: Oh, Yeah.....

Fancy: What now?

Twirly: We have to find everypony!

*record scratch*

Fancy: Where?

Twirly: Stop ruining my dreams!

Fancy: Okay!! Just stop shouting at me!!!

Twirly: Fine, Let's check upstairs.

Fancy: Okay!


Twirly: Nopony is here.

Fancy: Oh, well....

Twirly: So much for the party....

Pinkie: Hey!!!!

Twirly and Fancy: Pinkie??!!

Pinkie: I've been looking for you two!

Fancy: Why?

Pinkie: The party is in the park silly!!!

Twirly: You said it was at your place.

Pinkie: It was a surprise to keep you two busy!

Fancy: Oh..

Pinkie: What are you waiting for?! Lets go!

All: Yeah!

*story ends*

Pinkie Pie- Hasbro and MLP:FIM

Twirly Magic and Fancy Writer- HarvestGirl28

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