Matpat is a childhood and fanbase ruiner Game theorist.He has also been doing theories on popular youtubers because he is all but hurt that he is not as popular as them (though its not true). He has also been turning into a theory obssesed jerk he tried to hummanlate the angry video game nerd and everyone still follows him like ship.This is Canine hunter's enemey's and he will be de-bunking nearly each of his theories though it chould mean the end of his channel.Matpat has gotten many theorist though they are not bad like him unless where talking the crossover guy which trys to say a pokemon rip off is related to it.megaman X9 this is one of protomario's hench man and his weapon is spermaceti rush.

Watch he will make a theory about me trying to figure out if I am autistic though he whould be wasting his time. --Liam Bain 00:53, August 4, 2014 (UTC)