Anamary the Lordkonik
Anamary was a Pikonik,a mixture of Rouge,Pikachu and Blaze,but in one day,her Thunder Sword goes into her and she turned into a Lordkonik by someone evil.Since she's a Lordkonik and doesn't have wings,she's considered a mixture of Pikachu,Blaze and a Lord from LoZ:Skyward Sword,Ghirahim.

Since doesn't have wings,she doesn't have Rouge on her mixture anymore.But she can already shoot electricity and run 100% faster than Sonic,so she's the Lord of Thunder.She likes CN,Super Mario games,Sonic games,but the most awsomest of all,Legend of Zelda.

She's an OC from Legend of Zelda/a Anamary and Friends character.

Anamary the LordkonikEdit

Name:Lord Anamary Pikara Liliathy



Mixture:Pikachu,Blaze and Ghirahim

Personalities:friendly,funny,powerful,stronger,wonderful,smart,100% faster,a bit shy,kind.

Likes:her friends,Legend of Zelda (the most),Super Mario games,Sonic games,CN,hanging out with her friends,drawing.

Dislikes:her enemies,everyone getting hurt,Lord Malice.

Fan of:Link,Toon Link (the most),Star Sketch (#1 fan),Thunder Blitz,Rainbow Dash (the most),Mario,Luigi (the most),Sonic,Rouge,Tails,Silver (the most),Amy Rose,Ghirahim,Eve (#1 fan),Eva,Princess Ava.

Enemies:Lord Malice,Anti Ana,Kinokip,Evilowser.

Friends:Surprise the Cybernik,Susie the Pikonik,Toon Link (BFF),Link,Mario,Luigi,Captain Firework,Sonic,Blaze ,Pikachu.