Liam X,Real name unknown but goes by Savage and/or just Liam by town residence.He is a teen boy (no fucking shit oh by the way sense this wiki is dead I can cuss all I want and get away with it) around the age of 15.He is easy to spot in a crowd because of his unique outfit which is a Black pair of shorts,a fabric belt that he lets hang off the front,a Blue T shirt with black sleeves and scars on his legs.He also black spikey hair that he sometimes wishes is cut but due to his parents being gone and not trusting barber shops he would shorten the hair and spike it up it.He goes to war against the new world order which puts him up against GMO Dogs whom can be up to 9 feet tall,GMO humans who control machines that can only be described as walking tanks.He also fights drug cartels and deep web maniacs as he lives by vigilante justice.And only through help from his alpha cat Skippy,his Bff Surprise and cousin Ezz,He can prevail on the seamlessly hopeless battle against The new world order.

Personality Edit

What concerns or scares people is how unconcerned and even happy he seems about his own parents being gone.He does have quite psychopathic tendencies but he does pick up on it quite quickly and depending on the situation,He chills out or lets it go rampant which is entertaining for some people.It may not seem like it but he is very intelligent but its hard to tell because he acts goofy and like a dumbass.This is all an act to underestimate people.Why he does is unknown.Unlike most kids his age,He is more empathetic and is very emotional.He relates to others pain and does not care to show his emotions around others.

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