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Kate is a 13-year old girl and Kristijan's close friend. She used to be his love interest until Sally moved in the neighbourhood. Now she is a love interest of Liam X, like Surprise. She has a German Shepherd named Magic and as she did ceremonies for Pocketville and searched for Ava, she also fights alongside the Pocket Kingdom.


Kate is kind, generous, caring and pure of heart. The one thing noticeable about Kate in school other than that she's a great student, many boys in school flip over her. She's been transported to Pocketville after Zull broke the Friendship Heart in two halves and the Magic Fountain water exploded into magic drops and Ava disappeared. After a while, they found Ava and brought her back to her throne in Pocket Kingdom.

Her pureness of heart is great and she is very brave, too. She's been a love interest of Kristijan for 3 years and in fifth grade, she became a close friends of him when Sally Acorn moved into the neighbourhood. Even stiil, she is still a love interest, but a love interest of Liam X.

Over time, Kate and Kristijan rekindled their relationship and she became equal in the 1st place of Kristijan's love interest alumni along with the new antlered peanut student, Penny Fitzgerald.


  • Her friends
  • Liam X and him singing to her
  • Her family and pet
  • Pocketville
  • Travelling
  • Kristijan's ship


  • Reščić
  • Eva and other enemies
  • Evil
  • Anything bad happening to her friends or Magic