Ibrahí: Must to kill Ghirahim and to get my girlfriend, Darkira!

Ibrahi is the Lord of Cruelty.


Name: Ibrahi (surname unknown)

Age: 18 years

Personality: Evil, rude, sightly insane, heartless, mortal, smart, fast reminder.

Friends: (none/ unknown)

Enemies: Closely everyone.

Rival: Ghirahim

Borned: 12. 6. 1996

Dead: 10. 5. 2013

Reborned:  27. 4. 2014 (because of a dark magic)

Element: Cruelty

Extra: Stronger then Ghirahim, has a name with a í at the finish.

Ibrahi hates diamonds

Ibrahí: I hate diamonds

Former girlfriend: Princess Darkira

He's Darkira's former boyfriend and Ghirahim's rival and enemy. Ibrahi is actually a dead Lord of Cruelty, because he was killed by Darkira, after she got dark. But in 2014, he reborned again. His past name was Ibrilian, but he changed his name on Ibrahi with a í at the finish. He doesn't want to be friends, he just wants Darkira back. He's rejectful to everyone. When he saw the Darkirahim he decided to try to defeat/ kill Ghirahim for stealing his former girlfriend. 

He's subnamed a Dark Ghirahim.

Created by Firefly1