Graciette is a music singer who sings beautiful.She is from Legend of Alinka:Skynature Sword .When she sings,everyone goes happy and dancing.

Even she's Groose's twin sister,she's not dumb,stupid and she's in love on prince Zelfine.She's smart,pretty and a music lover.

Her wish is to be The Princess of music.She's funny sometimes,but not like her twin brother.She has more fans and she can sing at the concerts.

She has a puppy called Lisa who doesn't like villains.When she touched Alinka's sword,her eyes turned purple.




Occupation:Music singer


Likes:her friends,Alinka,Kamira ,Lisa,Zelfine,ponies,Toonies,Toon Link,singing,music (most),being the The Princess of Music

Dislikes:her twin brother,bad singers,villains.

Friends:Alinka,Zelfine,Toon Link,Link,Zelda,Kamira.


Her songsEdit

..:: ☆Graciette☆ - Singing is my remedy ::.. ☆

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