• Hyena117(yesturday was funny)
  • 7:07Firefly1(She can XD)
  • Xytrana: *flies here* Hi Milda!
  • Milda: Yay! *hugs her*
  • 7:08Hyena117( I was in mr anderson's class and I thought he was giving the middle finger to the studdents so I brought it up and he told me top ut everything outside so I did and came back in empty handed)
  • (alot of the kids where laughing and my anderson was just like ) 0 . 0
  • 7:09Firefly1(Oh ._. In real life, right?)
  • 7:09Hyena117I told him That is what you told me to do.
  • yep XDDDD
  • 7:09Firefly1(Ouch o~o)
  • 7:09Hyena117And now he naned me from his class until wensday
  • banned*
  • 7:10Demon Lady Giuloreen(Okay, now that's weird O_o)
  • 7:11
  • 7:12Hyena117what? You don't think it is funny?
  • 7:12Demon Lady GiuloreenIt isn't, it's very bad D:
  • 7:13Hyena117The teacher told me to put everything of mine outside so I did
  • 7:14Demon Lady Giuloreen*gasp* I have to go O_O
  • 7:14Firefly1Same to me!
  • 7:15Hyena117awww
  • bye guys

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