Federation militeur in royal attire

Federation Militeur

Federation Militeur was the alicorn/unicorn version of Kristijan Matijević. Kristijan was transformed into this form by an unknown source. To his friends he is known by his original identity, Kristijan. But he is known to the citizens of Equestria and Twilight as the Federation Militeur. He gets his name due to his Cutie Mark being a 24th century Starfleet emblem. It is a little difficult for him to pilot Voyager in this form.



Federation Militeur is mainly an alicorn, only a unicorn at very rare times. He belongs to Equestrian royalty and his royal attire only consists of a dark blue necklace with Starfleet fleet admiral pips on it. He is 5'9 in this form, has a very sharp horn and his cutie mark is a 24th century Starfleet emblem. He has Federation blue skin and a purplish blue mane and tail.


He appears exactly the same as before, he is just a little shorter, and has no wings.

Giant versionEdit

On a few occassions when he got angry, there was a mishap in his DNA and he grew giant whenever he was angered, by ally or enemy.
Federation militeur kristijan

Federation Militeur without royal attire

Uh oh twilight you better start running

Uh-oh, Twilight. You better start running!


Kristijan as a unicorn gets most of his original human powers, of which some are mentioned here:

  • Warp Speed
  • Fire Bomb
  • Ray of Federation
  • Super vision
  • Super hearing
  • Discs of Energy
  • Telekinesis
  • Electrocuting

Relationships with Equestrians as a ponyEdit

  • Twilight Sparkle

Kristijan developed an unbelieveably close relationship with Twilight Sparkle. At first both were skeptical about each other, but over time they grew to become great friends. They've played soccer together a lot and they've shown a lot about their lives.

  • Mane 6

Besides Twilight Sparkle, Kristijan made great friends with Twilight's friends; the Mane 6, as well. They've also implied that they never saw such a strange Cutie Mark before, by which they were reffering to the Starfleet emblem Mark on his body.

  • Shining Armor and Cadence

He also became a friend with Twilight's brother, Shining Armor and his wife, Princess Cadance, Twilight's foal-sister.

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