The droideka (or destroyer droid) are another type of combat droid used by the feline army.Like the vulture droid this one has many varraitions and can be a great combat unit.Thy can transorm to but insted of a ship,It Turns into a rolling disk that wroks like sonic's spin dash.These helps it get places faster and help ifatrate builds with strong doors.The droideka you are reading about is diffrent than the offical starwas one as thiz one not being used for evil,It used as a back up soilder for the good guys and the disk form is not used for combat (unless we are talking about the oficial ultra droideka which can turn into a ball an

Star wars the clone wars droideka by seekerarmada-d5n89hz

still use it's weapons. )

Varaitions Edit

The regular droideka with fire real bullets and have ammo packs on it's back

The lazer shooting droideka's. these types are commonly seen on Kristijans voyager as secruriity

The sniper droideka Has a sniper in the middle of there stummicks and a second sheild simalr to a Swats.


Two droideka's about to attack ressnic' as he evades the hallways of the uss voyager.