The drakes arcade is place token over by crimelords and fricking gangsters.Hre they touture peopleKill people, and rape women.There is alot of gas and fog in the building.They have loose bumber cars everywhere and they make everything a weapon.This is also the base of operations for the drake and his crew of cold vicous killers.Being a place from the movie hobo with a shotgun is also a level in a Liam X video game.This place had charges and bombs set by Hyenas and was destroyed though the drake and some of his crew got out before it exploded.

Enimes encountered Edit

Inside of drakes arcade (does it fit)30:00

Inside of drakes arcade (does it fit).for Red Mountain - Sonic Adventure Music Extended

Difrrent types of Canine chieftans




Bei bei kids

Bumber cars and other indoor veichles

The outside of the building30:00

The outside of the building.for Red Mountain - Sonic Adventure Music Extended


Blood thirsty dogs

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