Dlamere is a fanon character from Sonic. Dlamere is a unusal 12 years old girl, by unusal that means not like the others. She likes to be alone in silence most of the times, or just is very silent. Dlamere loves to sketch things and make comics in her notebook, which her mother gave her. Her notebook is dark blue and has a heading that says "Random". Dlamere is that type of person who likes random things. Dlamere likes to draw many sketches of people, and comics about her bullies and people she hate. Her best friend is Blaze the Cat  , they both are simillar in a few ways. Dlamere has a huge crush on Silver the Hedgehog , she thinks he's cute. Dlamere is trying to get the closer she can to Silver. 

  • Dlamere is a  Snow Leapord with a tomboyish attitude, her banks always come on her eyes. Whenever Dlamere is mad or dissapointed she'd instantly go to her notebook. The notebook is so private and special she won't even show her crush Silver, or her friend Blaze.  


Enemies Edit

Dlamere really isn't the type of person who gets enemies, but she sadly has one. Her enemy is called Violetta. Violetta once saw Dlamere with her notebook, Violetta was bragging about her electronic notebook, her notebook has a audio password, and many more. Dlamere got so mad, she just shouted at her. Violetta was pretty mad but her revange was too tell everyone fake rumors about Dlamera. Dlamera didn't even care about the fake rumors, and knew that as long as she's friends with Blaze, nothing could possibly go wrong. 

Dlamere is a Sonic character, from Sonic the show