*January 10 nighttime ballroom*

Sketch: The coronation is over,Close the gates

Everyone: *murmurs*

Luna: What? Sketch Heart no. No, wait! *grabs her crown*

Sketch: *gasps and faces Luna* Give me my crown!

Luna: Sketch , please. Please. I can’t live like this anymore

Sketch: *tears run down her face* Then go. Live with Celestia, For all i care *starts walking out*

Luna: *cries* Why are you so mean to everypony?!

Sketch: *stops* Don't start Luna...

Luna: No, Why?! You never spoke to Mom or Dad, You never spoke to Tia! WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?!

Sketch: I said, not now!!!! *fire bends and fire surrounds her*

Everyone: *gasps and starts talking*

Celestia: Impossible, only i can engulf such great power...

Luna: S-Sketch H-Heart?

Sketch: *stares at everyone then runs off*


Sketch: *runs out to courtyard and bumps into Mare*

Mare: Oh! Your highness

Sketch: *looks mortified and backs away and presses onto frozen fountain which melts immediately*

Guard: There she is!

Sketch: Please just say away from me! *fire bends at guards*

Guard: Monster MONSTER!!

Sketch: *runs away*

Luna: Sketch! No! *tears up and holds up crown close to her*

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