• Hyena117

    weirdest chat

    October 25, 2014 by Hyena117
    • Arianalav2The Lonely Cafe, Huh?
    • It feels like the world is upside down eh?
    • 9:32Hyena117I guess
    • 9:32Arianalav2Spanish Man, stealing your girlfriend? Oh god, I've read
    • Who does that?
    • What a world...
    • Uhmmm
    • so
    • Is Surprise1 special to you or something?
    • 9:34Hyena117Oh yeah.
    • I love her so much
    • she loves me too.
    • 9:35Arianalav2Cool bro, but how do you know?
    • That she has something for you
    • 9:36Hyena117Case when I told her my felllings all the way back in januray 5th she told me loved me too.
    • not to mention the fact we talked to each other almost everyday in private chat
    • 9:36Arianalav2How do you know she's not lieing?
    • I've been there
    • Lieing girls
    • 9:37Hyena117she is a honest kind person.
    • 9:37Arianalav2Wow
    • 9:37Hyena117wait but is'nt your name a girl's name?
    • 9:38Arianalav2May…
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  • Hyena117


    October 7, 2014 by Hyena117

    It seems that the clarence fags blocked me.They sucked anyways. i mean there articles where not written well. Insted of putting though they put "doe" Info was in wrong articles. I was a mess. So i am thinking about putting the articles here and improve them and if they are butthurt they can be fags all they wan't. "I am not your friend for what you just did"

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  • Hyena117

    so since we can't always role play what we wan't cause of one person I thought we chould do this. Each day of chat its that persons turn to role play of something they wan't since ana decided last time it should be surprise's turn then mine. 

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  • Hyena117

    New Liam X Wikia here

    August 15, 2014 by Hyena117

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  • Hyena117


    July 12, 2014 by Hyena117

    Since I can't find that new random show crossover wiki that gold said she was gonna make I made this. If she made one and only told you guys please link me.

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  • Hyena117

    Hey guys. So today i have made this  A liam X sprite using a megaman sprite.If any of you guys wan't I can make sprites of your charecters. Just tell me in the comment section.

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  • Hyena117
    • Hyena117Hyena #1: Okay, so what is his phone number?
    • Hyena #2: I think it is nines ones.
    • Hyena: #1: ok *dials 911*
    • 12:04Firefly1Me (Lord Anamary): Lol, what are you doing, Hyenas?
    • 12:04Hyena117Girl: 911 please state your emencancy
    • 12:05Firefly1Me: ?
    • 12:06Hyena117Girl:what so funny If this is a prank call I am hanging up
    • Hyena #3: *hangs up while laughing*
    • Hyena #2: *takes the phone and dials 111-111-1111*
    • Hyena #1: uh that is ten ones
    • 12:07Firefly1Me: *snickers*
    • 12:08Hyena117Me: *Takes the house phone and awnsers in a acent* Holla
    • Hyena #2: *laughs* liam X there is another sacrifice going on!
    • Me: *normal voice* Oh crap! Skippy we got another baby to save!
    • 12:09Firefly1Me: ... *gets sword the…
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  • Matijevic2kikiMk2

    It's me, Kiki

    March 15, 2014 by Matijevic2kikiMk2

    Hi everyone! It's me, Kiki, only on a new account because Wikia wants me to confirm my email when i already did at the creation of my first account.

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  • Nikolai Banks

    Shall I return?

    February 10, 2014 by Nikolai Banks

    Ok I been pondering about something for a long time, and now its time I asked this question since I left the Wiki sometime ago, does anyone wish me to return to this wiki, or to stay off it? I know its my choice, but I an curious what some of you have to say for it. Please vote on my poll and answer in a comment. Nikolai Banks (talk) 23:01, February 10, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Anamary the Pikonik

    Yep. ^^;

    So much imagination I have in my head.... . I have too much that I created The Lordbook series. Whenever I'm making a wiki I let it. :( 

    I made The Lordbook because I like lords and I had ideas like: Lordesses and Lordinces! Lordess is when you're a princess and a lord in the same time. Lordince is when you're a prince and a lord in the same time!

    When I get bored, I sometimes draw on Gimp 2 or in Paint with Ponies, my OCs or with Ghitakitty

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  • Surprise1

    Wiki crew going to places

    January 16, 2014 by Surprise1

    Wow, first blog page ever!

    Since I'm bored, sometimes I might sketch random stuff, but I want to make the Wiki Crew at places like malls, restaurants or cinemas

    What place should I draw you in? Give me ideas! :) I'd most likely draw them as Sonic characters, and maybe there are funny things going on in the picture!

    Btw, I'll put ALL the wiki crew in it, unless there's no space but don't worry :)

    Also, it has to a place you see in real life, I don't know how to make fantasy places ^^:

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  • Hyena117

    Sonic Re-boot Ideas

    January 14, 2014 by Hyena117

    Here are some ideas for how the reboot for the sonic serris should be.I think we should re-make Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 in a 3D inviroment and all the modern charecters including Sonia,Manic and the freedom fighters.We should also keep the deadly six there since in my oppion,I think there cool and we be a awsome addetion to the egg man army.We should bring back the chao garden and make it easyr to get those other charecter chao along with with new stuff in the garden like a slide and a few changes from SA2's chao garden.Hub worlds will be a cool thing to with all the charecters we saw in the prevous games being able to talk to you simalar to Sonic Unleashed.This time Us Sony/Microsoft fans should get some respect and have these Idea games on t…

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  • Hyena117

    I went out to the jumps again.After running around there for a while,2 kids came by that I thought where just regullar kids so I countiuned running up thourgh the ramps untill I tried to land but instedhit the ground with my left leg causeing the heal to real injured but I countiued to walk and limp around.i saw that crazy little black kid that is actullay another bully's little brother.But acted all friendly.Just like "Did you fall :)?". I just said "yeah,I will walk it off" but I knew they will be chasing the next second yet sure enough...Him and another kid was chasing me.I just walked away all like "I don't give a Snikerdoodle".( I have to say such corny words like that because evreything at this wiki is bad!)They seamed to just kina c…

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  • Rainbowzkie


    January 7, 2014 by Rainbowzkie

    Okay, I am really sorry that I haven't been active for days or 2 weeks ( I guess? ) I am really busy, and Christmas Break just ended and you know, school. Plus, I can't go to this wiki because my cousins always play with the computer or etc. I know, but I would do my best to be active since I'm an admin here. Hope you can all forgive for all my inactive days. Sorry again.

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  • Nikolai Banks

    This blog will contain all kinds of parodies of Dumb Ways to Die, based on the awesome video from YouTube with the same name. :P

    Having a bell dropped on your head.

    Falling off of the Abbey Roof

    Camping in vermin infested area.

    Running onto a frozen lake and falling through the ice.

    Dumb ways to die

    so many dumb ways to die

    Dumb ways to die-ie-ie

    so many dumb ways to die

    Inviting Cluny the Scourge inside.

    Trying to stop Sela and Chickenhound from robbing the abbey

    Falling off of a cliff to your death.

    Swimming in the river and being attacked by Piranha and vermin

    Dumb ways to die

    so many dumb ways to die

    Dumb ways to die-ie-ie

    so many dumb ways to die

    Challenging a Wererat to paw to paw combat

    Getting buried and trapped in a cave and short of air

    Having your…

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  • HarvestGirl28

    Hello! This time we got a question to answer! Here it is.

    Rainbowzkie wrote:

    Is there going to be a Pony Adventures special?

    Answer: There is. I'm planning to make it after I finished Pony Adventures: Summer or Winter?. It's supposed to have three parts.

    So, that's it for now! Bye!!!!!

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  • Matijevic2kiki

    The Wiki Crew had expanded one day now encompassing 3 new members, here is how they joined the wiki.

    The USS Voyager is flying towards a wiki one day, it was called The random show crossover wiki. There were 3 of them aboard.

    Kristijan: What's this place?

    Panda:*reading from the conn* It's The random show crossover wiki.

    Kristijan: Okay. *sits back in the captain's chair*

    Sally:*sitting in the first officer's chair* A new wiki.

    Kristijan: We've already passed through Puppy in My Pocket Fanon Wiki, Puppy in My Pocket and Other Fandom Wiki, Memory Alpha (the wiki for Star Trek), Sonic Fanon Wiki...

    Panda: Oop, there's an empty space! *lands Voyager*

    Sally: Let's go!

    The three beam down and are met by three users: Anamary, Goldspark and Aliyah.

    The Wiki C…

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  • Hyena117
    • Hyena117Me and Skippy:*chasing after a terroist*
    • 8:17Anamary the PikonikMe: What are you doing?
    • 8:17Alicupcake1235Me: You took the words right outta my mouth
    • 8:17Hyena117Terroist: He he he *trys to drop bombs on them*
    • 8:18Matijevic2kikiKristijan:*from Voyager's viewscreen* Pretty much there's another terrorist on the loose...
    • 8:18Alicupcake1235Me: Should we do something?
    • 8:18Hyena117Me: woah!
    • 8:18Anamary the PikonikMe: I don't know
    • 8:18Matijevic2kikiKristijan: *from viewscreen* I think we should help those two.
    • 8:18Hyena117Skippy:* perfrms a spin atack on the engines*
    • 8:19Matijevic2kikiKristijan: Skippy! Stop attacking Voyager's engines!
    • 8:19Hyena117Me: * jumps on a bomb and jumps on the terrosit plane*
    • Skippy was atacking the plane
    • 8:20Anamary the Pik…
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  • Hyena117

    My greatest Adventure :D

    December 29, 2013 by Hyena117

    So today,I left to go speed through the dirt ramps by my house.I had alot fun thee but when it was getting late and real dark outside so I was started to walk home but on the normal route,I saw some of the kids that wan't to kill me.Since there idiots they where doing some kind of new stunt thing.I guess they found out what a skate board was.XDDDSo I had to take a longer route,I headed the dierection to my older Scholl and walked threw the drainage I used to get home from that scholl.I had to be carefull and stealthy but I chould'nt help myself to not sing the Song "the Locomotion".I was almost home.I was carefull because some people walking around and seeing how many enimes I had was a 50/50 cahnce they will provoke me but they just turne…

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  • HarvestGirl28

    I take requests!

    December 24, 2013 by HarvestGirl28

    Hi There! It's me! And I'm glad that I'm starting to take requests!

    Mood : Excited!

    Listening : Gypsy Bard

    Watching : Food Network

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  • Hyena117


    December 3, 2013 by Hyena117

    Hey guys,I always go on chat and wait for my friends to come on.It's bad enogh that my computer forgets I'm there but keeps the window up.I was wondering what what parts of the world you live in so I know when my friends like Ana and suprise come on. I live in perris/californa in the USA.

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  • Hyena117

    Check out my crossover wiki

    November 25, 2013 by Hyena117

    Puppy in my pocket 3 Adventures in Halo ville You can contribute Puppy in my pocket characters and OCS, plus you can of course make Halo OCs aswell.

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  • Nikolai Banks

    Long Patrol Academy

    November 22, 2013 by Nikolai Banks

    A Fanfic crossover of Redwall/The Police Academy, I am working on. Hope you all enjoy it. And if this violates any wiki rules, please leave a notice on my Message Wall, and I see what I can do.

    Very upbeat music begins to play as the title comes up, saying "Long Patrol Academy 1: Redwall" as the upbeat Police Academy begins to play. showing Mossflower Woods by a birds eye view, slowly going towards the river till Redwall Abbey is in sight.

    Two officers walk into Mossflower and towards Redwall, one officer was a mouse while the other was a fox, the fox looked to the mouse. "PROCTOR.....hurry up or I come down and drag your sorry tail to our new precinct, do you understand me!?" The fox glared at Officer Lt Proctor.

    Proctor looked to the fox an…

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