I just wanted to make a article of set ideas for mega bloks sense I don't make a lot of articles. By the way check out ideas and fatness set ideas anyways lets see mine

2015 Edit

Spirit Edit

Includes The spirit,1 yellow elite piolt with plazma repeater,An Elite field marshall with fuel rod cannon,Halo reach elite zealot with halo 4 style engergy sword,1 halo 4 grunt ultra with plazma rifle,2 grunt magjors,1 with halo 4 plazma pistol,1 with a halo 4 style crimsom needler,3 regular grunts in white and metalic orange paint,2 with halo 4 plazma pistols and 1 with a halo 4 crimsom needler,2 new molded crates with 6 blue translucent plazma grenades and other extra covenatt weapons

2016 set ideasEdit

Grunt methane recharge station

Red grunt major with plazma rifle and methane station

Price $7

NMPD battle pack

Includes 1 brown jumpsuit NMPD officer with black shield and Black SMG,1 NMPD officer in brown jumpsuit and in african american skin tone with a black tactical shotgun,a jackal sniper with opened mouth and a halo 3 beam rifle in new articulation and 1 halo reach enginner

Price: $10- $15 Edit

Fireteam Hyena Edit

includes: 1 dessert camo Hayabusa spartan,1 dessert camo Scout (halo 4),1 dessert camo spartan mark VI,1 dessert camo recon,1 dessert camo aviator, a structure with a tree stump and bushes,stack of sandbags,machine gun turrent and crate with weapons

price: $15

Fireteam Lion Edit

includes: 1 cobalt enforcer,1 cobalt Mark VI,1 Cobalt Scout,1 cobalt gungineir, 1 cobalt oceanic a structure around some water with a crashed ghost,2 large rocks and a missle pod and a crate full of weapons

price: 15$

NMPD mongoose Edit

Includes a white and bluish grey mongoose in the halo 3 version with police lights and a crimsom shade turent with a blue jumpsuit nmpd officer with Dmr and a grunt major with halo 4 needler

Price: $15


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