Written by Lord Anamary


In Lordia

Far away hearing laughs and screams

Serrohim: Are you heard what I heard, bro?

Redahim: Yes! It's someone having...

Serrohim: Trouble!

Redahim: Fun -_-

Serrohim: The laugh sounds evil and the scream sounds girly, so there's a problem!

Redahim: No... I can recognize the laugh and the scream ... saw Serrohim disappeared Umm... Serrohim?

Serrohim: hiding behind a tree

Redahim: Huuuuh!! Serr--

Serrohim: covers his mouth Shh!

Redahim: -_-

Serrohim: appears with Redahim Ha! ... Huh? 

Ghira and Kamira: were having fun

Redahim: I told you... 

Serrohim: faints

Evis: hiding on a tree Leeh! I hate when two brothers are having fun when I'm on the way! Maybe I will make the Kamistupid's brother EVIL and I will marry the Giulordess! snickering evilly

Serrohim: wakes up Our cousins? ^^; I tough it was a trouble.

Ghira: Nope! I was making my baby sister happy! ^_^

Redahim: See, Serrostupid? 

Serrohim: Serrostupid??! smacks Redahim

Redahim: -_- Ouch

Kamira: D':>

Serrohim and Redahim: Oops ._.

Ghira: hugs Kamira Aww don't cry! <:'(

Evis: teleports Kaboom! throws evil magic to Ghira


Kamira: Big bwother!!! 'D:>

Evis: He will be your brother from the beggining who he was hating you! laughs evilly and finishes

Ghira: lands down

Kamira: hugs Ghira Big bwother! Are you okay? D':>

Ghira: Big brother? pushes Kamira I'm not your big brother!

Redahim: What did you do Evis Evillis?

Evis: Nothing! >:3  Now I will go and kidnap Lordess Giuloreen! evil laugh then teleports

Kamira: Big bwother? What happened with you?

Ghira: What? Nothing nothing! And one single thing... slaps Kamira's face so hard raging I'M NOT YOUR BIG BROTHER AND I HATE YOU, GIRL!!!!!!! AND LET ME!!!!! teleports

Kamira: cries

Redahim: Oh no! Stupid Evis made our cousin evil!!

Serrohim: So what?

Redahim: We must to find our other cousin...

In Diamondestria

Close to the palace

Magica: So, Ghira is evil now because of Evis?

Redahim: Yes!

Serrohim: And he slapped Kamira!

Magica: Oh noo... poor Kamira... where is she?

Redahim: Some ponies will make her happy ;) Maybe...

Serrohim: Maybe What?

In the palace

Serrohim: opens the door so hard 

Magica: Cousin we need your... sees Giuloreen on Evis' arms help? ._.

Evis: You again?

Giuloreen: You just said I won!

Evis: Only yesterday, no forever!

Giuloreen: -_-i

Magica: Evillis! Make Ghira nice! Now!

Evis: Why I must to listen a girl? Except my Giuly!

Giuloreen: kicks Evis so hard

Evis: dizzy and falls down

Giuloreen: What happened?

Magica: Evis made Ghira evil!

Giuloreen: Ohoh XDDD

Magica: stares at her

Giuloreen: What? Okay okay! So if he's evil, maybe he did something bad to Kamira! D:>

Redahim: Saddly yes U_U

Giuloreen: So how we will make my twin brother to normal?

Magica: We don't know... 'thinks '.... then has an idea I know! I remember that Ghira was kind to Kamira, because she gave him a bit kindness! :D

Redahim: I know it too! You took the words from my mouth, Magica!

Magica: ^_^

In a random place

Ghira: walks around

Serrohim: Hey cousin! covers Ghira's eyes

Ghira: He-hey! >.< Who turned off the lights??!!

Serrohim: I have a surprise for you! walks with him

On the place where Kamira is

Kamira: cries stroking a random pony

Serrohim: whistles far away

Kamira: wipes her tears then heard

Serrohim: takes his hands

Ghira: Aaah! What? That stupid girl? No no no no no!!!! gets back crossing his arms

Kamira: gets teary Big bwother...

Ghira: angry DON'T CALL ME BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!! slaps Kamira more times

Kamira: cries and runs away

Serrohim: Uh oh...


Ghira: No! 

Giuloreen: OH COME ON!!!!!!

Magica: 'taking Kamira's hand 'and talks with a beautiful voice Cousin, be kind with your sister!

Ghira: gets insane face and punches Kamira to the sky

Kamira: AAAAAAAAAAH!!!! cries then disappears

Ghira: snickering evilly

Kamira: falls to Ghira

Ghira: moves

Kamira: falls down then cries My big bwother hates me! DDDDX cries then runs away 

Some kind magic flies around Ghira then it makes him nice

Ghira: Uh uh!! What happened? ._.

Magica: Evis made you evil and you slaped and punched Kamira... ;o;

Ghira: gasps Oh no!!! DDDDDDDDDDX It's my fault!!!!!!! runs to Kamira

Kamira: cries sitting down

Ghira: close to her then he tries to touch her

Kamira: gets scared and cries more 

Ghira: Poor you! Baby sister, I'm so sorry! ;n; saw Kamira's black eye and gasps I'm a monster! DX

Kamira: A-a-a-are you s-s-s-sure you love me? ;_;

Ghira: I love you! Evis made me evil! wipes her tears Remember?

Kamira: gets more teary then hugs Ghira tightly crying

Ghira: hugs back

Giuloreen and Magica: Finally!!

Serrohim and Redahim: Huuuhh.... it was so hard.... faints

Next day

Ghira: tickling Kamira

Kamira: cutely

Evis: on a tree NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! gets the screen of to him



Written by Lord Anamary

Show planed by Lord Anamary and Surprise

Characters Ghira, Giuloreen, Serrohim, Redahim, Magica, Kamira, Evis Evillis.

Thanks for reading!