Written by Lord Anamary


At Evis Evillis' place

Evis: I did some bad things in Lordia, but the stupid Lords always wins! But... Looks on a Giuloreen photo ... since I'm in love of that beautiful Lordess, I won't do bad things right now! I will kiss her and after some years I  

The Lordbook- The evil's kiss

will marry her! The stupid Lords won't stop me, especially Darkle, who will be a former boyfriend of my sweetie! Wait! The former, former, former, former and former! evil laugh I'm comin' my sweetheart! teleports 

At Lordia

Serrohim: Looks at a mirror

Redahim: You will...

Serrohim: Boasts I'm handsome!

Redahim: ... boast -_-

Serrohim: I just say the truth!

Redahim: But you boasted!

Serrohim: Growls and talks to himself Why do I have a twin like that? -_-

Magica: Are you arguing again?

Redahim: Err... maybe.

Magica: Are you boasting again Serro?

Serrohim: Wait, no no no no no...

Redahim: Yes yes yes yes yes!

Serrohim: Smacks Redahim

Ghira: Agree, Serrohim XD

Redahim: What??!!

Serrohim: High-five with Ghira

Redahim: Facepalm

Giuloreen: My twin brother is so stupid, and he's a Serrohim's close relative! XDDD

Ghira: Shut your mouth!

Giuloreen and Ghira: Starts fighting

Evis: On a tree That Lordess can fight... so beautiful... she's such a beautiful Lordess... I will come to you right now sweetie! >:D Teleports

Magica: Stop fighting! D: If Kamira would see it, she would cry and leave!

Kamira: Gets teary

Magica: See?

Ghira: :|

Giuloreen: Sorry! DDX

Ghira and Giuloreen: Hugging Khh!! Ah! DX

Kamira: Giggle (=^.^=)

Ghira and Giuloreen: Pushes themselves :D

Evis: Runs with darkness then captures Giuloreen Haha!

Giuloreen: What are you-- !!! Guards!!! 

The Royal Guards: Runs to Evis In jail!!!

Evis: Pushes them with darkness

Giuloreen: !!!

Evis: Throws darkness around her

Giuloreen: Faints 

Evis: Laugh evilly then teleports

Kamira: Big sista! D':>

Ghira: XD

Redahim: Ghira...

Ghira: Okay okay! We will save her! -_-

At Evis Evillis' place

Evis: Snickering evilly

Giuloreen: Wakes up ...

Evis: Mornin' girl! Puls Giuloreen for a kiss

Giuloreen: Stuck in darkness What do you want? DX Shakes

Evis: A kiss...

Giuloreen: Gasps No! Darkle would hate me forever! DX

Evis: And it needs! So close to kiss

Giuloreen: Noooooooooooooooooo!!!! DDDDX

Ghira destroys the door

Ghira: Twin sis'!! 

Evis: Kissing Giuloreen

Ghira: XPPP

The other relatives comes: Gasps

Kamira: Covers her face

Serrohim: Faints with a silly face

Magica: Unlucky cousin DDDDDX

Redahim: Gosh....

Evis: Finished Too late! Laugh evilly

Giuloreen: DDD'X Of your fault, Darkle won't love me! You're such a stupid lord!!! Cries

Evis: Oh come on! After some years we will marry!

Giuloreen: What... did... you...SAY?!? On the way to transforme

Evis: ???

Giuloreen: Black diamonds around her

Evis: :O

Giuloreen: On a dark form

Ghira: Woah! I never saw my sister's form! 

Giuloreen: Robotic voice Evis, you will pay of this!!

Evis: *O* Falls in love You look more beautiful in this form! I want a second kiss! :*

Giuloreen: 'Gets a big sword 'and tries to hit Evis Okay! If you lose, you won't have a kiss, if you win, you'll have a kiss... XPPPPP

Evis: Gets sword I don't want to... but I'll do anything for a kiss! <3

They fight

After some minutes

Giuloreen: A bit weak

Evis: I think I will have my kiss... >3

Giuloreen: Fine!! DDDDX

Evis: Is on the way to kiss

Darkle: Jumps from a window It's show time! Kicks then scratches more times Evis

Evis: Weak with scratches Okay... you won... Faint

Giuloreen: Darkle... I tough you hate me... Gets teary

Darkle: When Evis is on the way, I never hate you! Kisses Giuloreen

Giuloreen: Kisses back then turns to normal

Ghira: Err.... :|

The End



Written by Lord Anamary

Show planed by 'Lord Anamary and Surprise

Characters ''Ghira, Giuloreen, Serrohim, Redahim, Magica, Kamira, Evis Evillis and Royal Guards

Thanks for reading!

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