Story by Firefly1


After the Skyward Sword battle with Link and Demise, a Demise's opposite, Queen Dalia, took the demon sword, Ghirahim, and made him to be alive again, after that she made her sword, she has the Kindness Heart created by a cat called Kindia. 

Dalia: looks at her jewel then sighs

Ghirahim: What is it, your majesty?

Dalia: I just took this jewel 10 years ago, but it has a 5 years old kindness. By the way, why you can't have relatives?

Ghirahim: Because me and Fi we are the only demon swords! 

Dalia: Understood gets sad then leaves

Ghirahim: shrugs

On her garden near a little lake

Dalia: looking at her sword and her jewel Okay, so I must to do my own lord puts the Kindness Heart in the sword then it glows Wow!

The sword is flowting with butterflies then accidentaly 2 Relativness potions are falling, the first one on Ghirahim then on that sword

Ghirahim: comes Woah woah! What happened?!

The sword glows so much 

Ghirahim: It burns!!! teleports

???: appeared on the sword place with a cute face

Dalia: gasps Wow!

???: gets shy Wh-who are you?

Dalia: Queen Dalia, girl.

???: Do I have a name?

Dalia: Saddly no, but I will search a name for you.... a name which it starts with K from kind... 

???: Yes?

Dalia: has an idea Aah! Got an idea! I will call you Kamira!

Kamira: Kamira? ... I love it! It's such a beautiful name.

Dalia: reminds of these potions By the way! You have a big brother!

Kamira: A big bwother?

Dalia: Kamira, big brother.

Kamira: Big bwother!

Dalia: I think you have lisp because of the 5 years old kindness. 

Kamira: What is my big bwother's name?

Dalia: Is Lord Ghira! Want to see him?

Kamira: Is he kind?

Dalia: No, but he's polite.

Kamira: Maybe I can make him kind with my magic!

Dalia: Let's go to him!

On Ghirahim's place

Dalia: Umm, Ghirahim. I have a surprise for you.

Ghirahim: Show me, your highness!

Dalia: Go on Kamira, you can do this!

Kamira: Uh I don't know... blushes

Dalia: Do it Kammy!

Kamira: walks to Ghira Uhh... hi... I'm quietly Kamira...

Ghirahim: What kind of lord are you?

Kamira: I'm the...

Dalia: quietly Shh!! Kammy!

Kamira: I'm a simple Lord.

Ghirahim: looks at Kamira Yes?

Kamira: gasps and gets scary because of Ghirahim's face 

Ghirahim: What is it girl? It's something wrong?

Kamira: Umm... no...

Ghirahim: Why do you came here?

Kamira: gets shy To say you're my big bwother...

Ghirahim: What? laughs evily Little girl, you must to teach school, you can't be my sister, me and Fi we're the only demon swords of this world! pets Kamira 

Kamira: gasps 

Ghirahim: Must to do evil again just like in Skyward Sword! teleports 

Kamira: Evil? Oh no! covers her face

Dalia: That's why you can't say you're the Kind Lord because he will get angry, he's a demon lord who creates monster and his eyes shows the creepness.

Kamira: gasps He's evil!

Dalia: Yes.


End of the chapter 1

The second chapter will come soon!